A Welcome Message to Students of Exploring New Media: Users, Settings, Implications

A quick welcome video for students of the new undergraduate unit ALC201 Exploring New Media: Users, Settings, Implications…


Subscribing to this blog is one (non-compulsory) way to obtain updates about the unit. I’ll likely post some further ALC201-related reflections here throughout the weeks ahead, but the crucial unit content will be available via DeakinCloud so it’s not essential to subscribe here. Alternatively, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel itself – or my Vimeo channel if that’s your preferred platform. I will also post notifications of updates and other messages on Twitter. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you keep an eye on DeakinCloud.

Please note that I will be posting some tweets/messages/videos that are not specifically related to ALC201 from time to time, although I will ensure that the videos uploaded onto my Vimeo channel are exclusive to the unit. Feel free to share useful links and engage in discussion in any forum you wish and, as noted in the video, please ensure that you behave in a considerate and ethical manner at all times. Feel free to contact me at any stage if you have any concerns.

Good luck, and as Dolph Lundgren said in a 1987 classic that was a bit of a Star Wars rip-off but nonetheless had its merits: ‘Good journey’!


P.S. – If you haven’t seen Masters of the Universe, get some culture!! 🙂


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