New Media and the Law: From Sexting to Trial by Social Media

This week in Exploring New Media: Users, Settings, Implications, feminist media scholar Dr Deb Waterhouse-Watson delivered a riveting guest lecture on the complexities of how digital media has recently intersected (often in a problematic way) with potential and actual legal proceedings. A ‘teaser’ for this lecture – which I highly recommend you access – is included in this week’s one-part – yes, just one-part! – meLecture…

Deb's Lecture - 'Twitter on Trial'
Dr Deb Waterhouse-Watson speaks at Deakin University, 26 August 2013.

For those interested outside from outside the unit who cannot access the internal iLecture recording through Deakin University, I will in the fullness of time edit together a video of Deb’s lecture using camcorder footage and the visual presentation she used on the day, which will be uploaded onto my YouTube channel (over the next month or three). Please feel free to email me if you would like a notification when I complete this…

On another note – and in the interests of the ‘participatory’ framework that ALC201 hinges on – I will now take requests for meLecture costumes/scenarios (Tiffany is running out of ideas…). No promises, of course, but no harm in asking! 🙂


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