New Media and Politics: E-democracy, E-lections, and Citizen ‘Participation’

As I’ve stressed in this week’s meLecture, given the happy coincidence of timing, there will never be a better time to study this topic in this unit ever again! I’m not going to offer any further reflections here on this issue – not because I don’t have anything to say with the election only a few days away (trust me, I have way too much to say!) – but because I want to encourage you to ‘get out there’ and peruse some of the thousands of blog posts, tweets, and even satirical YouTube clips that are being compiled about the parties, the politicians, and ‘the people’. What might all this activity (or lack thereof?) tell us? Does it spark your interest in, commitment to, and hope for the political process? Or do you want to vote #1 for Danielle Christmas? To reiterate the broad question posed in class debates this week:

Has digital media ‘democratised’ contemporary politics…?

Enjoy the videos! 🙂


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