Gamification: The Rewards of Digital Play

Gamification shouldn’t be considered one of those ‘catchy’ terms that refer to some fad that’s soon going to dissipate into nothingness as quickly as it appeared to arise. It’s a phenomenon that has been growing in popularity and application in an ever-wider range of contexts over the past several years, from the very clever gamified process of learning languages in Duolingo to the motivation and mood-enhancer app SuperBetter, which is in part conceived as a way of combating anxiety and depression. Even though I’ve been playing board and video games my entire life, my own engagement with ‘gamification’ as such has been fairly recent, and I’m only just beginning to apply certain game design principles into my teaching through new digital media units I’m designing. I first introduced a weekly topic on gamification (at the level of unit content) last year, for which I filmed a conversation with the exceptionally talented Danielle Teychenne, an interactive learning developer at Deakin University. Here’s the video:

This conversation, and a series of other informal chats surrounding it, has in short time given rise to a new web series that Danielle and I will host called Our Gamified World. We’re currently setting up the online ‘infrastructure’ for it and have filmed four episodes. If you’d like to join us in these exciting times, please feel free to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Twitter.

Few would argue against the idea that gamification is set to play a big part in the future of digital media culture – just as it is already playing an increasingly significant role in the present.

Join us! It’s a great time to play around with gamification… pun intended.


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