Be(ing) Active: Passive Potatoes or Productive Produsers?

I think I’ve provided more than enough resources to keep students happy (a.k.a. busy, frustrated, and/or annoyed) for this week, so I won’t reflect on the following unit materials more than to highlight once again the fluidity which can characterise the creative production of media content. As I highlight in the Teaching from My Car recording, I only decided what form it would take after recording it. I hadn’t considered it would work better as a podcast rather than the originally planned video. I didn’t know I’d discover what felt like the perfect musical score to serve as intro, outro, and interlude when I was chatting away to myself while driving across the Bolte Bridge or through the Burnley Tunnel. And just in case that makes this particular resource sound trivial, it’s probably the most important resource to have a look at listen to this week!

Thinking reflexively and being open to the opportunities that are on offer so frequently and so generously is a big part of navigating the online world in an active and engaged way. Searching for that ideal image or music track with a Creative Commons licence can sound like a chore when you say it out loud like that, but it actually engenders excitement – and it’s fun. Persuading you of that, however, is next week’s theme. Let’s stick with the here and now, for now. The following resources¬†(and the ‘Fifteen Million Merits’ episode of Black Mirror we’re watching) might seem on one level to be fairly disparate in their subject matter, but there are many connections to be found – and made – between them , and the ways in which creativity and media-making collide is just one of these…



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